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Link: ‘Gyaru’ culture makes comeback as businesses aim to loosen up meetings

Young Japanese women called gyaru (gals), who don flashy clothes, dye their hair bright and wear heavy makeup, were once youth culture trendsetters, especially in the 1990s and early 2000s. Now, however, they are thriving as communication gurus in workshops held at companies and government offices nationwide. Training sessions involving gyaru’s communication skills, such as an emphasis on following your gut, are attracting attention as a way to help transform unproductive meetings and boring presentations at offices into something more interactive and flexible.During a recent session, a female CGO staffer in a colorful outfit told participants to “Repeat after me.” Taking her cue, they practiced saying “sore na” (that’s it), “yatte ko” (let’s do it) and “ii jan” (that’s cool) — all short, casual phrases often used by young people to express support for an idea. The aim was to loosen up the atmosphere and make it easier for everyone to speak up. #


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