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Link: Google’s invisible AI watermark will help identify generative text and video

Google’s DeepMind CEO, Demis Hassabis, took the stage for the first time at the Google I/O developer conference on Tuesday to talk not only about the team’s new AI tools, like the Veo video generator, but also about the new upgraded SynthID watermark imprinting system. It can now mark video that was digitally generated as well as AI-generated text. Watermarking AI-generated content will matter increasingly as the technology gains prevalence, especially when AI gets used for malicious purposes. It’s already been used to spread political misinformation, claim someone said something they haven’t, and create nonconsensual sexual content. SynthID was announced last August and started as a tool to imprint AI imagery in a way that humans can’t visually decipher — but can be detected by the system. The approach is different from other aspiring watermarking protocol standards like C2PA, which adds cryptographic metadata to AI-generated content. #


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