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Link: Google plans to to reuse heat after expanding a data center for AI

To literally take some of the heat off the expansion of its Finland data center, Google struck up a partnership with the municipality of Hamina and the city-owned energy provider Haminan Energia. By 2025, they plan to recover heat from the data center’s servers and send it to homes and public buildings in the area. This is the first project of its kind for Google, which says it’s providing the heat free of cost. Google’s been reusing that heat for its own offices on site for nearly a decade. As the data center expands and uses more energy, Google plans to share that heat to meet 80 percent of annual heating demand for the local district. And since Google purchases carbon pollution-free energy to match 97 percent of the data center’s energy consumption, the heat it provides to Haminan Energia will also be considered a mostly clean source of energy. #


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