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Link: Getting Rich By Getting Lucky Actually Feels Better Over Time

During the pandemic, I spoke to someone who capitalized on the nation's mood by signing a $400,000 book deal. Based on her platform size, she should have received closer to a $50,000 book deal according to a couple of top literary agents. Sure, she felt a little sheepish to get so far above industry standards. However, she told me, “If the publishing industry wants to pay me this much in a bidding war, who am I to deny them? I'll gladly take the money and see what I can do. If the book does well, then wonderful! Everybody wins. But if the book doesn't, then it's not my problem because the publisher decided to take a chance on me.” In the end, the book was a commercial failure. It sold 1/20th of what the publisher had expected. She may never get another book deal, but it doesn't matter because she received 8 times what she should have received. So in reality, it was like getting eight book deals! If you get lucky, take the money and run. If you don't, someone else will. Nobody is forcing an organization to give you more than you deserve. #


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