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Link: Ex-DeepMind and Meta AI Researcher Raises Nearly $50 Million To Help Developers With LLMs’ Secret Sauce — The Information

DatologyAI, which currently has 11 employees, aims to reduce the amount of human decision-making—which can often be biased or time-consuming—needed in data curation, Morcos told me. That’s a different strategy from the more hands-on approaches of other data curation startups, where employees manually look at their customers’ private data to see where gaps exist. That’s made them more like consultancies than software companies in many cases, VCs tell me. Instead, DatologyAI uses algorithms to automatically determine how much data a model needs to understand a certain concept. For example, a model will need more examples of a complex concept (like dogs, which vary in appearance) than a simple one (like elephants, which look relatively similar to each other) to understand them, Morcos said. These algorithms also ensure that models see enough rarer “edge cases” and that the data is divided into more manageable chunks during the training process. #


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