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Link: Does VR Matter?, Modular Products and Defining New Markets, TikTok Acquirers

I think the two best candidates to acquire TikTok are Amazon and — here comes the ultimate dark horse! — Walmart. The reason comes back to App Tracking Transparency, of all things: the most effective route to effective digital advertising is owning both ad inventory and ad conversion, i.e. the actual point of purchase. This gives you free reign to directly link seeing an ad and buying a product, just like Facebook used to do pre-ATT. In this case, TikTok has the inventory, while Amazon and Walmart have the conversion (Shopify is another possibility, but TikTok may simply be too big to swallow); one company owning both would have an incredibly powerful integration that would make both TikTok and the associated e-commerce business significantly more profitable than they would be on their own. #


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