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Link: Bumble’s app redesign lets women automate conversation starters

Bumble’s redesigned dating app has a new “Opening Move” feature that’s supposed to take the legwork out of starting conversations. Women on the app can now choose from a list of prewritten prompts — or come up with their own — that the app will send to all their matches. Unlike dating apps like Tinder and Hinge, Bumble lets women take the first move when they get a match. The new Opening Move option should at least make it less intimidating (and less time-consuming) to send out those first messages. Some of the prewritten prompts include questions like “Who’s your dream dinner party guest (real or fictional)?” or “What do you like about my profile?” Once the match responds, women can choose whether or not to carry on the conversation, which will expire after 24 hours if no move is made. #


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