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Link: Apple needs to show us the other half of the iPad Pro

If you’ve never tried to do work on an iPad, I am genuinely happy for you. I’m writing this story on a Bluetooth keyboard connected to an 11-inch iPad Air M2. It’s a very nice keyboard, and the Air is a very nice tablet, but this would have been so much faster and easier on a convertible Chromebook. And I could still have watched Andor on the plane. It’s still way too annoying to do any kind of work on an iPad that doesn’t involve staying in a single full-screen app the entire time. Even something as simple as writing a blog post while pulling in photos and links from other articles takes way longer and involves way more jumping around than it would on any other screen this size. Stage Manager has come a medium way, but it’s still not great, especially without an external monitor. And the iPad still doesn’t have good multiwindow support — no way to snap app windows to specific portions of the screen or save window configurations. Try to do anything slightly advanced, and you’ll run into all kinds of basic issues. The iPad version of Final Cut Pro will fail to export a video if you switch away from the app, even just to the homescreen, because the operating system doesn’t have proper support for background processes. There’s also no task manager, no good file manager, no clipboard manager, and no way to fill the gaps in iPadOS’s functionality with third-party apps and utilities. These are all things the iPad’s excellent hardware could support. #


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