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Link: AI tools to detect dementia under development in Japan - The Japan Times

Efforts are underway in Japan to develop artificial intelligence-based tools that will help detect dementia at an early stage, including one that analyzes how people walk. Those tools are expected to lower risks of elderly people roaming around or failing to notice that they have the condition and see a doctor early, easing concerns of those people and their families. Using AI-based posture recognition technology adopted in Fujitsu's judging support system for artistic gymnastics competitions, the tool will find signs of dementia like small steps from video footage taken at cameras in public facilities, allowing people around those with such symptoms to talk to them about the possible problem. The three entities involved in the development of the tool will work on information management rules for privacy protection and conduct analysis in cooperation with nursing care facilities, to put it into practical use in fiscal 2027. The health ministry's estimates show that about 11.97 million people, which is the equivalent of about one in three age 65 or older, will have dementia or mild cognitive impairment, a stage before the condition, in Japan in 2040, when the elderly population is expected to reach peak levels. #


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