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Link: A U.S. TikTok ban could devastate these online communities - The Washington Post

TikTok chief executive Shou Zi Chew said a ban would take the platform away from the 170 million Americans who use it. “Make no mistake, this is a ban — a ban on TikTok and a ban on you and your voice,” he said, adding: “We are not going anywhere.” After the Senate vote, some users scrambled to ask their communities, “What platform are we going to now?” Others, particularly some with stigmatized interests or marginalized identities, expressed deeper anxiety over the potential loss of close-knit circles built through TikTok that could prove difficult to rebuild elsewhere. “We’ve already built such a strong ecosystem on TikTok,” said Jackie Gonzalez, who has found comfort and community on #DeafTok. “To tear that down and force us to rebuild somewhere else would be a setback for sure.” #


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