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Harvard Business School Lecture: QuHarrison Terry, Generative AI

Today was nothing short of memorable. I had the tremendous opportunity to guest lecture at Harvard Business School. Now, I’ve been on some pretty big stages talking about things that excite me in the tech and business world, but today had its own kind of magic – it was my first time sharing thoughts at Harvard.

The spotlight this time was on something that’s been buzzing in my mind – how Generative AI is shaking things up in the business culture scene. It’s not just about fancy tech stuff; it’s about how this wave of AI is nudging businesses to think and operate differently. And discussing this at a place brimming with curious minds? Thrilling!

Generative AI isn’t just a shiny new toy in the tech park. It’s more of a game-changer, making us rethink what’s possible in business. Today’s chat at Harvard wasn’t just me going on and on about this but engaging with folks who are as pumped about the future of AI as I am.

The cool part? Diving into how Generative AI is like that friend who challenges you to see things from a different angle, stirring a culture of never-ending ‘what ifs’ and ‘why nots’ in the business world. It's about creating a space where ideas flow freely and the status quo is always up for a friendly challenge.

So, if the Future of AI intrigues you as much as it does me, today’s dive was a sweet teaser of the larger, exciting narrative unfolding. As we bob along this wave of AI and business culture, the ride is promising to be both eye-opening and a whole lot of fun.