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Using AI to Supercharge Content Creation

Back in 2016, I asked Q what the most defensible job would be for the next decade. What skill would soon be needed in every organization that isn’t employed there today?

“Motion graphics designers” was his response. Those that can design objects, environments, and scenes in 3D were poised to be the next job role to quickly scale to the level of influencer or developer. – Ryan

This theory held true. Every organization is looking for someone to lead them into VR, AR, and the metaverse. Motion designers are now the most requested job to fill. The organizational demand matches that of an app developer in 2010.

What’s next, Q? Six years later, what’s your next prediction for a job/skill the market will soon demand in droves? – Ryan

I’m doubling down on content creators as the most defensible job for the next decade. Ad-based marketing is in a weird spot right now where the major digital ad platforms are struggling to provide value. Original content or partnering with content creators is where brands should focus their marketing dollars.

The next content creators that will win big are those that know how to use AI to supercharge their content creation.

Content Creators Supercharged by AI

Yesterday, I talked about the artists that feel they’re losing in the battle against AI art generation. For every loser there’s always a winner, though. So today, I’m looking at those who are benefitting from AI-augmented creation. The people that are harnessing AI as a Creative Collaborator and building big followings for their work.

Midjourney Creators

DALL-E Creators

  • Karen Cheng uses many different AI models in her creative process including DALL-E to generate new outfits.
  • Panni Margot used DALL-E to co-design a collection of dresses, shirts, and pants for a runway show in Chicago.

GPT-3 Creators

  • Seb Lhomme uses GPT-3 to generate fake movie plots and then feeds those prompts to Stable Diffusion to generate the posters. His project is called This Movie Does Not Exist.
  • Janelle Shane has had a blog since 2019 called AI Weirdness which uses GPT-3 to generate humorous examples of how machine learning interprets the world.

Miscellaneous AI Creators

  • Daniel Verten is the Creative Director at Synthesia, using the tool to generate a synthetic human that can create “talking-head” videos. His series is called AI Explains AI.
  • Descript is used by numerous organizations like ESPN, Vice, and The New York Times to augment their video/audio editing capabilities.

Overall, AI is going to assist content creators in so many ways from editing to acting as talent to generating and executing creative ideas. Those that are familiar with using the AI models today have a major leg up on this field.