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What I’m excited for at CES 2024

With CES 2024 set to unfold next week in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, the air is electric with anticipation. CES consistently offers a glimpse into the near future, showcasing innovations that are teetering on the edge of mainstream adoption.

This year’s event will undoubtedly showcase groundbreaking technologies, and I’m excited to share my top picks. (Avoiding excessive focus on Metaverse and AI companies.)


Firstly, the Clicks for iPhone keyboard case is set to make its debut. This innovative case, featuring a hardware keyboard, is poised to revolutionize the way we interact with our iPhones, blending the tactile feel of physical keys with the advanced functionality of modern smartphones.


Then there's inQs, a trailblazer in solar technology. They've developed the world's most advanced and efficient energy-harvesting clear solar glass – the SQPV glass. This isn't just any solar panel; it's a marvel of engineering that thrives under any light condition, whether in brightly lit exteriors or dimly lit interiors. By strategically arranging nanomaterials between two conductive glass sheets, this technology sets a new standard in energy efficiency, harnessing power from both sides of the glass.

Another intriguing innovation is WILLCOOK, the epitome of versatility. This lightweight, portable cooking bag, integrated with the HOTOPIA fabric heater, redefines cooking on-the-go. Not only does it serve as a cooking bag and a cooling bag, but it also transforms into a heat-generating blanket. This multifunctional product is a testament to how technology can seamlessly blend into our daily lives, offering convenience and comfort in various scenarios.


In the culinary world, I-Robo is set to make waves as the first innovative cooking robot. Addressing labor shortages in the restaurant industry and catering to busy homes, I-Robo offers automated cooking with a self-cleaning frypan and a cloud-connected digital recipe library. It democratizes gourmet cooking, allowing users to recreate expert flavors without any formal culinary training. This robot not only cooks health-conscious meals but also introduces a new dimension of culinary creativity with its smart algorithms and customizable recipes.


Finally, the WOTA BOX, a pioneering portable water recycling plant, signifies a significant leap in sustainable living. Capable of recycling greywater for repeated use, this system is powered by WOTA's autonomous control technology for water treatment. With over 98 percent water recycling efficiency, it's a game-changer for water conservation, proving invaluable in emergency situations, remote locations, and outdoor events.

As I prepare to delve into the heart of CES 2024, these are the technologies that have already captured my attention. I look forward to uncovering more innovations and sharing my discoveries from the ground.

Stay tuned, for the future of technology is about to unfold before our eyes.