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A New Direction for this WTF Journal in 2024

As the final pages of this year turn, I find myself at a pivotal juncture with this WTF Journal, reflecting on its progress and envisioning its course ahead. This year has been nothing short of stellar, a period where this journal transitioned from a canvas of assorted thoughts into a focused lens on the dynamic world of technology.

In 2023, the WTF Journal inadvertently became a sanctuary for my fascination with Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models. It transformed into a space where I, and presumably my readers, marveled at the groundbreaking developments shaping our digital landscape. Each entry was a testament to the awe-inspiring advancements and the potential they hold for our collective future.

Yesterday, I briefly wrote about how Japan profoundly shaped my perspective on robotics through my visit to the Gundam Factory in Yokohama.

Witnessing the 59-foot-tall Gundam mech in motion was not just an exhibit of technological prowess but a tangible glimpse into the boundless potential of robotics. It was here, amidst the marvels of engineering, that the future of robotics crystallized for me, illustrating the vast possibilities within our reach.
The Next Frontier: Robotics as the New Revolution
In a world increasingly enamored with artificial intelligence, particularly with the emergence of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, it’s easy to overlook other technological revolutions simmering on the horizon. Dr. Jim Fan’s recent proclamation, declaring robotics as the next significant technological upheaval for 2024, is a sharp reminder of

Japan, a nation synonymous with technological marvels, has consistently piqued my curiosity. The country seems to be in a perpetual state of 'WTF' moments, especially in technology. These innovations often remain hidden treasures, known only to those who visit or stumble upon them through digital windows like TikToks. This realization brings to light a critical gap in our global tech narrative – the underreporting of Japanese advancements in mainstream American media.


The fired robots of Japan

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In 2024, the WTF Journal will pivot to bridge this gap. Our focus will shift to the intricate intersections of Japan's emerging technologies and their potential impact on the future of technology in America. This means a conscious shift away from the more familiar trends of American tech news. The goal is to unearth new cultural understandings and insights through an in-depth exploration of Japan's technological landscape.

I plan to use this WTF Journal to explore the cultural fabric that weaves these technologies into everyday life in Japan. By doing so, I aim to offer a unique perspective that transcends geographical boundaries and fosters a deeper appreciation of the global tech ecosystem.

As I steer the WTF Journal in this new direction, I invite you to join me on this exploratory voyage. Together, let's uncover the hidden narratives and understand the cultural intricacies that drive innovation in Japan and, in turn, influence the technological future of our world.