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A Year with AI and Beyond: Exploring What's Next in Tech

A year ago, I embarked on a journey into the world of artificial intelligence by writing my first WTF? entry about Gen AI. This journey sparked an obsession with AI and led me to constantly ponder what lies beyond this revolutionary technology.

The AI Obsession and Its Impact

Lately, I've been reflecting on the current state of AI. It's undeniable that AI, especially with events surrounding OpenAI, has made a significant impact. However, this saturation in the AI narrative has somewhat exhausted me. It seems like everyone is talking about AI, to the point where its novelty is waning. Just today, I noticed the uproar about a fake AI journalist at Sports Illustrated, further confirming AI's deep infiltration into our daily lives. But, does this mean we've reached the pinnacle of AI's utility and innovation?

WTF? Beyond AI: The Emerging Technologies Reset

This brings me to an annual ritual of mine – the Emerging Technologies Reset. It's a time when I introspectively look for what's next in technology, focusing on areas that aren't getting as much limelight but hold transformative potential. I'm not alone in this quest for future tech trends. Therefore, I plan to delve deeper with research and discussions, and I invite you to join me in this exploration. If you encounter a fascinating technology trend, please share it with me in the comments (or by replying to this email).

The Future Tech List: What's Catching My Eye

So, what's on my radar for future technology trends? Here's a list that's currently piquing my interest:

  1. Synthetic Biology: The intersection of science and technology to redesign biological systems.
  2. Transportation Evolution: Especially the computerization of modern cars.
  3. AI in Daily Life: Moving beyond basic prompts and exploring how AI can do 'real work' in our everyday tasks.
  4. Metaverse Realities: The burgeoning virtual worlds that might redefine our digital interactions.
  5. Quantum Computing: A game-changer in computing power and problem-solving capabilities.
  6. E-ink Technology: Not just for e-readers anymore, but a potential revolution in display technology.

The potential of these emerging technologies is vast and varied. I look forward to exploring these domains and sharing my insights with you. Again, if you encounter a fascinating technology trend, please share it with me in the comments (or by replying to this email).