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Celebrating Thanksgiving in the Age of AI

As Thanksgiving dinner approaches, it's a time not only for gratitude towards the people and things around us but also for reflection on the rapid advancements in technology, particularly the AI revolution. It's astonishing to realize that we’re only three days away from it being just a year since the introduction of ChatGPT.

Throughout history, every technological innovation has had its pros and cons, with the potential to bring about significant benefits or controversies. Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in the last year, has epitomized this dichotomy.

Today, I’m sharing ten groundbreaking AI tools that I’m thankful for this season:

AI in 2023: A Year of Notable Advancements

  • OpenAI's GPT-4: Launched in March, it redefined the capabilities of AI, sparking debates about its potential benefits and harms.
  • UIPath's Clipboard AI: This tool transformed mundane tasks by allowing users to fill out documents effortlessly, using images of their ID.
  • Runway Gen-2's Video Creation: This tool allowed users to generate videos from text or other media, suggesting a future where movies could be produced from simple prompts.
  • Nvidia's Neuralangelo: It transformed 2D images into 3D replicas, paving the way for revolutionary changes in fashion design and production.
  • Humane's AI Pin: A novel way of interacting with AI, combining projection and voice technology.
  • Meta's Seamless-M4T: This technology brought instant translation and transcription in numerous languages, envisioning a future of seamless, real-time communication across language barriers.
  • Rewind: It enhanced memory recall for digital interactions, potentially expanding to a unified memory across all personal devices.

Living in this era of AI-driven innovation fills me with immense gratitude. It's a time of transformation that holds the promise of fundamentally changing how we work, create, communicate, and live. Here's to a future shaped by these remarkable advancements.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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