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The First Nail Salon in the Metaverse

Selling makeup, nail polish, and hair care is a fairly well-understood industry in our culture. I’m not saying anything new when I say that the West values beauty and style a lot. Now, it’s becoming evident that these same values will transfer to the metaverse.

What shocked me, though, is that we’re already getting nail polish in the metaverse.

Metaverse Nail Art

Courtney Kuhlman, who goes by CK, is a Creative Director. They design nail art (in real life) that will make you think, “Wow, that’s on the tips of your fingers?”

CK parlayed this interest into the virtual landscape, designing nail art wearables that people can put on their Decentraland avatars. The metaverse nail art costs 10 MANA (about $10) and comes with matching earrings. And many people have purchased CK’s designs (which you can view here and here).

The numbers are small today, but they are laying a solid groundwork for the future. I’d compare this to being a blogger in the early 2000s. Although website traffic was small at the time, as long as you stuck with it, then the SEO would pay huge returns as the Internet user base increased.

Because CK is a first-mover in nail art wearables and is building a loyal customer base, they have the chance of beating Essie, Revlon, and the hundreds of other established nail polish brands to the metaverse market.

But I also think that nail polish wearables are just the start of this opportunity.

Metaverse Nail Salon

The elevated version of selling metaverse nail art is to build a Metaverse Nail Salon that avatars can visit – thus allowing users to get their nails done in the metaverse.

Imagine if the only way to get CK’s nail polish wearables was to visit their metaverse salon. It would create a different type of demand. Not to mention, CK could employ other designers as nail technicians, allowing customers to come and get super unique nail art from metaverse artists.

The primary function of the metaverse today is to socialize. Connection and community are the primary draws of the virtual world. And nail salons (just like barbershops and cigar lounges) are a great place for strangers to congregate and socialize.

Those that can effectively build community in the metaverse are going to be the most valuable creators because it’s the hardest skill to pull off in the virtual world.