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ChatGPT & Advertising

"Marketer's ruin everything." - Seth Godin

I'll never forget reading those words back when I was first learning the trade of marketing.

Now that over 100M people are using ChatGPT, it's become the fascination of most marketing departments. And that's led to brands like Avocados From Mexico even integrating ChatGPT in their Super Bowl 2023 commercial:

As you can see in the video Avocados From Mexico is using ChatGPT for its Super Bowl campaign, which includes a QR code in its 30-second ad that leads to a landing page with the AI tool.

Once on the page, users can generate a tweet by pressing a button, and the response will be generated by ChatGPT and appear on the landing page. The user will be encouraged to tweet that response during the game with guidelines to keep the interaction relevant to the brand and ad.

I believe this is a function that's here to stay. ChatGPT will get better, and how brands integrate it into their marketing efforts will only continue to improve.

Now is the time to start building an impressive skillset and understanding of these Generative AI tools because these big brands will need help ruining the industry.