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ChatGPT vs. Education

We're only 27 days into the new year, but I suspect this question will become a broader theme of 2023: What should we do about ChatGPT?

It's a valid question that my writer, business, and even education friends are all asking me. I find the dilemma that colleges are facing to be the most fascinating:

Do I think this is the end of education? No. This is an opportunity to level the learning field and get every student a personalized education.

I'm probably being too idealistic here; however, if you've ever used ChatGPT, you'll know how addictive it can be. Whenever you have a new captivating technology, you have the power to do something big. Think about how TikTok, YouTube, Zoom, etc., drastically changed our learning methods.

In this era, it's about personalization and hijacking attention. With the proper reinforcements, I genuinely believe ChatGPT could be one heck of a Teacher's Assistant.

This is what I was showcasing in the video.

We need to rethink school and work. AI has made perfectly clear that, not just at school and in business, to a large degree, we all simulate knowledge and meaning. It is so good at simulating us there because a lot of our own school and business language because in both spheres understanding is largely simulated. - The End of Writing
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