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AI Email-Writing with ChatGPT & GhostWrite

"I like writing emails!" - said no one ever

It's Friday night, and I've got 153 unread essential emails that are still outstanding. While taking a quick work break, I wondered if there was a way to use Generative AI to help me with my emails:

Of course, Generative AI tools like ChatGPT can help me with the one-off emails where you need a bit of time to think of a response. However, I appreciate the approach that GhostWrite is taking by allowing me to use Generative AI on the fly without changing the interface (everything is natively in Gmail).

There's a future here because I've got every email tool you can imagine, from SaneBox to Superhuman, and I still have an email triage problem. Yet, it's hard for me to believe that Google will let a young startup outdo them in this arena. I feel like a tremendous future use case for Google Assistant is a feature that can immediately learn and match your writing style and assist you with responses and writing anywhere there's text input in Chrome or Android.

There's already the foundation built in with Gmail's Smart Replies and Smart Compose. They just feel super archaic when compared to GhostWrite and ChatGPT.