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AI-Powered Travel Agents

I was feeling stressed, so I asked ChatGPT to plan a weekend getaway to Tulum, and it gave me a pretty solid itinerary to run with at that moment. You can use ChatGPT to help you plan birthday parties, events, and holiday gatherings – especially if you need help with ideas for certain themes. – Everydays 117

Two weeks ago, I wrote 10 Fun Ways to Pass Time with ChatGPT – basically talking through some productive ways to kill boredom (instead of just scrolling social). One of the ideas was using ChatGPT to plan weekend getaways or dream vacations.

And man does the Generative AI industry move fast.

Just discovered Getaiway – a GPT-3 powered platform that asks you a few questions about your trip and then generates a detailed itinerary for you. Below, you can see me testing the experience out:

For context, why did I choose an unknown place like Cluj, Romania?

Last summer (2022), I traveled to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, to speak at Techsylvania – a destination that was never on my radar prior. The conference organizers (shoutout Vlad Ciurca) took great care of us and showed us what their home had to offer.

Thus, I wanted to compare what a born-and-raised local would suggest vs. an AI that has no real experience being alive and visiting these places. And it exceeded my expectations.

Getaiway not only provided a detailed day-by-day breakdown of where to eat and what to do, but it actually recommended two things that I did while I was over there: the Turda Salt Mine and Banffy Castle. That’s pretty impressive.

Also, the cost estimates are a great touch, considering there are a lot of different price points to travel at.

Overall, I’d pay for a service like this. Nothing more than a few dollars unless it could take it a step further and provide a map of where everything is, websites to book reservations, etc. But even if it just saved me the time of reading the endless “10 Best Things to Do in X City” listicles that dominate all travel research, I would consider that a win.